Kazakhstan International Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building Exhibition


Today at the Atakent Exhibition Center, the 19th Kazakhstan International Exhibition “Energy Industry, Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering” - Powerexpo Almaty 2021 - opened in its usual offline format.

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The latest achievements in the field of energy industry, electrical engineering, lighting engineering, energy saving, power engineering were presented by 77 domestic and foreign companies from 10 countries (Austria, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Moldova, Russia, Slovakia, USA and the Czech Republic). Companies from Krasnoyarsk krai, Moscow oblast, Chuvash Republic and Volga International Trade Center, united under the common national stand of the Russian Federation, shared international experience and presented the latest developments.

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The Powerexpo Almaty exhibition is traditionally represented by such sections as electrical engineering, alternative energy sources, energy saving and efficiency, cabling and wiring products, lighting and industrial lighting engineering.

After a long forced break, the participants were glad to return to the environment of live communication, in order to strengthen business relationships and find new partnerships.

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The content of the business program of Pоwerexpo Almaty 2021 traditionally included thematic seminars and round tables, dedicated to the solution of industry issues, sharing experiences and introduction of new practical solutions. The visitors took part in the round table, the theme of which was "Joint efforts to achieve carbon neutrality", organized by Institute for Electric Power Engineering and Energy Saving Development JSC of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The round table was moderated by Olzhas Kabdenov, Director of the Analytical Center of Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency, Institute for Electric Power Engineering and Energy Saving Development JSC. Sessions of the round table were devoted to the discussion of the role of the fuel and energy complex in ensuring sustainable development, gradual transition to the principles of BAT and introduction of "green technologies", transition to carbon neutrality, as well as regulated waste management and climate change.

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Industry seminars from participating companies received special attention from the audience:

  • The EKRA KAZAKHSTAN company held a seminar on "Experience in the DSS projects implementation. Requirements for specialists in the design, commissioning and operation of digital substations";
  • The AMAX company held a seminar on: "Modern boiler gas supply systems. AMAX gas equipment blocks and multiblocks".

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Much attention at the exhibition was paid to safety rules and sanitary-epidemiological measures. Basic anti-coveting rules were followed, including social distancing, use of PPE by participants and visitors, use of antiseptics and disinfectants, cleaning and treatment of stands with disinfectants. The new registration system made it possible to distribute the flow of visitors by time and thus maintain the recommended number of people in the exhibition hall. Ashyq QR code scanning system has become a strong tool for security preservation, which was able to implement strict exclusion of visitors with COVID-19 threat from entering the exhibition.

The exhibition will last until October 29, inclusive, and will gather all industry professionals on one site!