Kazakhstan International Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building Exhibition

27-29 October 2021

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Feedback from exhibitors PowerExpo Almaty 2019

Tadeush Tuleta, General Director, PRODMOREX, Poland

We came to Powerexpo Almaty to find partners. We are interested in the local market, and we are intended to participate in the exhibition each year. We believe that this event gives us excellent opportunities to demonstrate to our target audience all the advantages of our products. Besides, we meet potential partners from other countries. About 40% of represented here companies are our potential customers. For example, directly opposite us is a company from Minsk. We have been planning our cooperation for a long time, and meeting here at the exhibition allowed us to discuss working issues.

Meirzhan Toktarakyn, Sales Director, Alageum Electrik JSC, Kazakhstan

We participate in Powerexpo Almaty each year. For us, it is an image event, which allows us to demonstrate our achievements, to see the market, the trends of competitors, and ways for development. Our target audience is industrial enterprises, design organizations, construction companies, energy companies. All are gathered here. The exhibition is very fruitful, and we have meetings one by one. We are very grateful to the Iteca company that gives us this opportunity each year. We are trying to improve our products continually: reduce the size, increase the life of the service, make transformers more convenient to use. And the exhibition helps us to reach our customers and demonstrate our innovations.

Yuriy Pogrebnyak, Executive Director, Grant PIK, Ukraine

We came to Powerexpo Almaty to find customers for infrastructural construction of hydro- and heat power projects: sub-stations, channels, irrigation systems. Our company is engaged in the design of extensive facilities aimed at a very narrow audience. Our main task at the exhibition is to announce ourselves. This event helps us to understand the local market, to learn the needs, define who our potential customers are. Here we got acquainted with the organizations which can become our partners in local projects, our suppliers of equipment. The exhibition is aimed not only to Kazakhstan. Participants from other countries now know about our company and can work with us in Ukraine. So, we are delighted with the exhibition and planning to come here again.

Ragif Yussifov, Head of Central Asian representative office Sungait Technological Park, Azerbaijan

It is our second time at Powerexpo Almaty, and we consider this exhibition as very successful. A significant number of participating countries open for enterprises new working horizons. We are attracted to the exhibition by professional interest. We always learn from each other. For us, as producers, it is essential to learn about innovations. Big thanks to Iteca company, you help very much to companies, producers, dealers, distributors. Powerexpo Almaty creates professional communications, and the exhibition is always a beginning for something new. We are delighted with the results of the exhibition.

Andrey Fominov, Head of the dealership department, BARLED company, Russia

It is 4th consecutive year at Powerexpo. Each exhibition is unique. For four years, we have systematically reached a certain level, and we are actively working with large enterprises, which we met here at the exhibition. Powerexpo Almaty gives the opportunity not only find new customers but meet current customers and learn their needs. All feedbacks are processed in our company, and next time we come with the latest technical solutions. So, the exhibition for us is always professional growth. This year, we have already accepted some orders, which open new horizons in business.