Kazakhstan International Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building Exhibition

Feedback from the PowerExpo Almaty 2023 participants

Stefan Lindroos, Export Director of MEKA PRO:

This is the first time we take part in the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition. We were very pleasantly surprised by the large number of visitors interested in our products. These days were very busy. We are interested in representatives of installation and engineering companies, as well as distributors. All of them were present at our stand.

Quite possible that we will take part next year.

Adilbek Marlan, Sales Manager of ROOQ Limited:

This is my first time participating in Powerexpo Almaty. To be honest, I can’t express my impressions in words. Here we communicate with many people. People say that progress is being made from year to year, more and more companies are competing with each other. Firstly, it contributes to the development of our country, and secondly, you can see that this is New Kazakhstan and a step towards development. Our company has only recently come to Kazakhstan and now presents its products to the people, we are glad to take part in the exhibition. Currently, there are a lot of visitors at the stand. I think there will be a lot of customers after this exhibition, at the moment many have only managed to get contact information, and we hope that in the future we will meet and talk with everyone. There are not so many companies with our products in Kazakhstan, we are one of the few. We have a lot of products that attract the interest of visitors. We plan to take part next year, our management has already started submitting an application, we will participate next year, we liked everything.

Marina Kudryavtseva, General Manager of PcVue CIS:

This year we are participating in the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition for the first time, before that we visited it as regular visitors. The impressions are positive, we exhibited with a stand together with our partners. A lot of useful contacts were collected, both end customers and potential companies who are ready to introduce our solutions were approached. I am pleased to recommend everyone to take part in the exhibition and I hope that we will also plan to participate next year. There are no direct agreements on contracts, there are requests on the merits.  We discussed projects, we have a very big plan for the next week, a whole schedule with whom we should meet in Almaty, and in Kazakhstan as a whole.

Ruslana Komarova, Leading Marketing Specialist of Tula Electromechanical Plant:

We participate in the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition for the second year in a row. We really like the participation because there is a direct dialogue with our potential customers.  We identify their needs, understand how to adjust our business, and how to help consumers from Kazakhstan. Direct dialogue makes it possible to adapt our product range to the customer’s needs. This is a very good exhibition of an international format, an additional site for communication. Now it is very important to communicate directly with customers. Our target audience is designers, installation, intermediary organizations, energy companies. We have received feedback from our potential customers, there are already preliminary agreements on cooperation. Next year we will definitely take part, because there are a lot of participants from different cities, countries, this is a very interesting format. Office communication does not allow us to so clearly identify the needs of customers. Kazakhstan is a very hospitable country, thank you!

Zhaslan Ilyasov, Project Manager of KazEnergyDetection:

We have been participating in Powerexpo Almaty exhibition for the third year. Every exhibition is always busy, there are a lot of potential customers, clients. Here we get acquainted, communicate, enter into partnership.  Everything is great! There were no concrete agreements yet, there were new acquaintances, which tomorrow will develop into partnership relations. Exhibitions of this format contribute to the development of business, companies, partnership relations, the conclusion of new agreements and contracts. We are definitely planning to participate in the exhibition next year and in the future. 

Lyudmila Trusova, Specialist of the Export Support Center of the Republic of Mordovia:

We represent the collective stand of the Republic of Mordovia, this year we are taking part for the third time. The companies are satisfied with the exhibition. Compared to last year, a large number of visitors are taking part this year. There is interest, preliminary agreements, I hope we will conclude contracts and deliver our products to Kazakhstan. We have 8 companies as part of the collective stand. I think we will definitely take part next year, because the exhibition is productive and shows its potential. I think that not participating in the exhibition means not being in business at all.  The exhibition is a great opportunity to present not only your region and company, but also to promote business development in general.

Feedback from the PowerExpo Almaty 2022 participants

Arman Satybaldin, Megger:

Our company has been on the market for a very long time, for 15 years in Kazakhstan. We are engaged in the implementation and sale of equipment in the energy sector. This equipment is for testing diagnostics of substation equipment, transformers, cable lines. The main purpose of visiting the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition is to increase the awareness of our brand. And we also meet new customers, find new partners. In addition to the fact that a lot of guests showed interest, we sent out an invitation to our regular customers. It would be good if an exhibition of this format would also be held in Astana. We have a lot of equipment, unfortunately, not everything is always possible to bring. It was not possible to bring large-sized equipment, as well as mobile electrochemical laboratories. We are completely satisfied with our participation.

Maxim Su, CHINT Global PTE.LTD:

Our company is a producer of electrical equipment in the field of low-voltage equipment, automation, green energy. We decided to exhibit this year because we are for the development of Kazakhstan, the development of the electrical engineering market. We feel great potential here, so we opened our company in Kazakhstan two years ago. We decided to deal with the market of Kazakhstan, develop our business, and do something useful for Kazakhstan and its people. As for the audience, we were visited by various companies, engineering companies, electrical installation companies, trade organizations, large institutions, about 100 people. All this audience is among our potential customers. We got the expected results, we exchanged contacts. We will participate next year!

Alexander Khegay, SIEMENS:

This year we are presenting mainly digital substations, solutions for energy and telecommunications. The main purpose of visiting the exhibition is to search for new customers, promote our solutions, and study the market. Expectations were fully justified, there were a lot of contacts, a lot of negotiations. There was an opportunity to talk with our customers, clients. Other colleagues participated in this exhibition several years ago. The exhibition is very interesting, I think we will take part again next year.

Ruslan Mausymbayev, 220 VOLT:

The company is engaged in the sale of electrical goods. We arrived at the exhibition in order to find potential customers, to show ourselves, to see others. This is the first time I participate in this exhibition, but our company has previously participated in events of this type. I liked the exhibition, yesterday was a busy day with a lot of visitors. We are glad that we took part and found new customers. I think that this will only give a positive result for our work.


We have been on the market of Kazakhstan for over 16 years, we participated several times in 2012, 2013. Since this year two major industry exhibitions Powerexpo Almaty and KIOGE are held together, it was interesting for us to exhibit our stand. Impressions are very good, many visitors, many familiar faces. We get acquainted with new customers, the impressions are very good.

Galina Kostareva, EM-CABLE LLC:

The national stand of the Republic of Mordovia includes 7 companies. We have been working with Kazakhstan for many years, we cooperate with a large number of companies. This year the exhibition is more effective than in previous years. The purpose of our participation is to meet our consumers, see partners and find new ones. And also to bring new companies to the market of Kazakhstan, because Kazakhstan is of great interest for the promotion of our products. And today we did it. There were many meetings, there were meetings with those with whom we have been working for a long time, but we did not know each other personally. Communication via e-mail, Skype cannot replace personal communication. Thanks to the organizers!

Ilgar Bagirov, TE Connectivity:

This is not the first time we participate in this exhibition. We took a break during the pandemic, this year we wanted to take part again, fortunately, we were approved. Compared to previous years, there are more specialists in a specific profile related to energy, I am glad that many of them have an interesting project behind them. We have been working in Kazakhstan since the mid-90s, soon it will be 30 years. We are well known by local customers. Therefore, we continue our work, we believe that this is an interesting region, there are good opportunities for promoting our business. We see these opportunities, and fortunately, the exhibition confirmed our expectations.

Feedback from the PowerExpo Almaty 2021 participants

Turchekenov Serik, Deputy Chairman of Board, Electric power and energy saving development Institute JSC

Impressions of participation in the exhibition are very pleasant and only positive. The exhibition gave many specialists very useful knowledge for their further work. PowerExpo Almaty is an annual event, an authoritative industry platform for today. Every year the organization is improving and becoming larger, and every year there is a growing interest in the site. As part of the business programme, we held a round table “Joint efforts to achieve carbon neutrality”, which aroused the interest of the audience. We are engaged in development of electric power and energy saving, it is a core event for us and we had a lot to tell the audience. The round table brought together various speakers, government and education officials, and representatives from business and industry associations. I can confidently say that the round table was productive. Live exhibitions have always been useful and informative. With the new realities after the pandemic, they have become even more important, because people have not been communicating offline for a long time. Our round table yesterday showed that there were a lot of interested parties, including representatives of the media. I believe that offline exhibitions are an effective tool for business development. We are certainly planning to take part next year. I can confidently say that our participation in PowerExpo Almaty will have an excellent effect on the popularization of the "green energy" topic.

Levchenko Roman, Head of automated systems department projects, Administration of projects of “MIR” research production association LLC

We represent the "MIR" Research Production Association" from Omsk. We are engaged in the production of automated electricity metering systems, as well as the dispatching of energy facilities. This year our company celebrated its 30th anniversary, we have been repeatedly awarded with governmental awards for product quality, and have been on the market for 15 years. During this time, about 50 status projects have been implemented; all major network companies have encountered our equipment to a greater or lesser extent. This is not the first time we have taken part in PowerExpo Almaty. We believe that this event is very helpful in business development. We met with all the major customers here and had a lively dialogue, which is very important. A large number of design institutes and companies engaged in this type of activity expressed interest in the stand, asked questions and received thoughtful answers. The format of live meetings is very important, especially in difficult pandemic times. We are very glad that the business environment is slowly beginning to thaw. We already have plans to participate next year.

Khakimova Yelizaveta, Inkab optical cable production plant

We like everything about PowerExpo Almaty this year, it's not the first time we've taken part. Of course, we would have liked to see more exhibitors and visitors, but in today's world any offline event is extremely important for all of us, as it is live communication, which we all miss very much. Offline events help a lot in the development of the industry, because here we don't look at each other through Zoom applications on computer screens, but here we have a live dialogue directly with partners and customers. We really missed smiling at people, drinking coffee together, shaking hands and meeting them warmly. The exhibition definitely hosted our target audience. We hope that the contacts we have made or renewed here will bring us and our partners further victories. The Kazakhstan market is very interesting for us, which is why we are here. We're very happy that this offline event brings us all together. I really hope that next year we will also participate in PowerExpo Almaty.

Ashot Petrosyan, CINK Hydro-Energy

Our company has participated in the exhibition more than ten times. I can say that this year, compared to previous years, the activity level has become much higher. Despite the fact that the exhibition has decreased in size, the quality has not been lost. At PowerExpo Almaty, we maintained old contacts and made new ones. Usually we don't really expect profile specialists, but the people who visited our stand and were interested in our products were knowledgeable about the current situation in the industry, and quite professional. You know, if you compare it with online communication, then live contact is completely different. After the exhibition, the real work starts, working out new leads. We were supposed to be here for three days, but we extended our stay in Kazakhstan by two weeks, because after the exhibition, we will meet with potential partners in detail. Our company plans to participate next year as well.

Askar Ilyas, HELIOS PV(KZ) LLP

The exhibition is very exciting. There are a lot of interesting companies and attractive stands. Among the visitors there are people who are interested in cooperation, ask for information on the cost of installing our equipment. Definitely, PowerExpo Almaty is a good platform for finding new customers and partners. Due to the pandemic we haven't had such events to show ourselves and make a statement about our equipment for a long time. Our company is engaged in the installation of solar power plants on a turnkey basis, from calculations to commissioning. Our visitors are very interested in our products – they take interest, make inquiries about specific products, ask questions about technical specifications. We have previously participated in an exhibition in Dubai, but this is the first time we have taken part in Almaty. There are no comments on the level of organization, everything is very informative and convenient. Offline events are always important, because negotiating with real people is much more convenient and pleasant, you can feel the energy of the person, and it is difficult to do it online. We have already filled out an application to participate next year, we will promote "green energy" and protect the environment. Everyone must do their part to protect the environment, because our children, grandchildren and future generations will be living on Earth tomorrow, we need to encourage and promote "green energy". Resources are not endless, and the sun will be with us for a long time to come.

Bissenov Dias, Executive Director, «KazBuildExpert»

Our company provides engineering services in construction, we control the quality of construction, technical supervision, compliance of construction projects. This is the first year we are taking part in an exhibition of this kind, for us it is our first experience. It was very interesting and we were going for a long time to get there. Now our stand is exhibited at PowerExpo Almaty, a major industry platform. We are connected to the energy sector in that we are implementing projects with wind and solar power plants. We are very satisfied with the exhibition, we were able to make a lot of acquaintances. The goals set by the trade fair were fully achieved. Already on the second day our company signed several contracts with new partners in the energy sector for the construction of wind power plants, and also formed some agreements on the provision of our services in the design. We definitely plan to participate in the exhibition next year as well.