Kazakhstan International Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building Exhibition

Feedback from PowerExpo Almaty 2023 visitors

Mereke Zhantleuov, Engineer of the Project Management and Technological Solutions Service of KMG Engineering LLP, Kazakh Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas (KazNIPImunaygas):

I am visiting Powerexpo Almaty for the first time. This year the exhibition is very good, well organized. Manufacturers come from different cities and other countries. This is a great opportunity for business development. I received a lot of information, got acquainted with many new projects. In addition to the exhibition, seminars and round tables on various topics are held, useful information is distributed, we are happy about this. We hope that the exhibition will continue to be organized in this way every year. I think it will be useful to any employee, people working in various fields. Therefore, the exhibition is very important. I would like there to be participants in other areas of the electric power industry, plants producing their own special devices.

Alexandra Kim, Category Manager of Electrocomplex Asia LLP:

We just recently arrived at the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition, and have not yet had time to walk around the entire pavilion. There are a lot of companies represented. I like everything, the stands are beautifully decorated, the pavilions are light and clean. The exhibitors talk about their companies and the products presented in an accessible way. If we have time, we plan to visit the business program. Thank you for such a professional event!

Konstantin Goryachevskiy, PARMA LLC:

I am visiting the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition for the first time. The exhibition is very good, there are many manufacturers from all countries: China, Russia, Kazakhstan. There is a large nomenclature, electrical equipment, as well as switchgears in various industries are represented. I have been to other electrotechnical exhibitions, there is also a high quality of organization, as well as here – it is a real international level. There are many manufacturers from different countries, a lot of equipment.  I come to the exhibition in order to get acquainted with new brands, devices, equipment that I have not seen before.

Mukhamet Tleumbetov, Director of UAK Trade LLP:

I am visiting the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition for the second time. The exhibition is wonderful, this year it is much larger in scale than last year. We see how you are expanding, both the area and the number of companies are increasing. It is very important for everyone who works in our industry to visit this exhibition. Now a session, a round table has been held, a lot of interesting topics have been raised. The business program is very busy this year, which pleases. This brings real benefits to the industry. Perhaps we have found new collaborations here for our development, we will always visit this exhibition in the future.

Meruert Utaraliyeva , IT Engineer for SCAD of Nova Vision:

We are coming to the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition for the second year. We like everything very much, every year the site is improving and getting better. The number of companies is increasing, something new is being added in terms of technologies and solutions. We are interested in the direction of automation and telemechanics, we found what we were looking for here. We visited partners, wanted to see what they have new and interesting. The exhibition is productive.

Yerzhan Zhanmailov, Engineer of Energoservice:

I have been visiting the Powerexpo Almaty industry exhibition for several years. The exhibition is extensive, many international companies are represented, mainly in the field of electric power. At the moment, I am interested in equipment for industrial thermal engineering, so next year I would like to see more companies in this area.

Nurlybek Derbisaly, Almaty Power Plants TPP-2 JSC:

I am visiting the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition for the second time. Impressions are very good, I learned a lot of new things for myself. Compared to last time, the exhibition has grown. New products appeared at the stands, for example, switch control via a tablet. If time permits, I think I will visit a business program.

Feedback from PowerExpo Almaty 2022 visitors

Meir Tleubergenuly, Alatau Zharyk Company JSC:

Since my student years, since 2005, I have been visitting the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition. I always find interesting, useful information for myself. Last year, due to quarantine and the worldwide lockdown, there were no many representatives visiting this exhibition. This year the organization is at a very good level. I learned a lot for myself, met many work partners who are not representatives of this country. The composition of the participants has improved. Everything is comparative, before quarantine we lived in a grand style, not paying attention to anything. The pandemic has helped us look at the world with a different perspective.

Bakhtiyar Nurmaganbetov, Trina Solar:

Powerexpo Almaty is a very good exhibition dedicated to energy. We, as representatives of Trina Solar, one of the leading players in the solar panel market, are very interested in visiting exhibitions of this type, where we can find new partnerships, new acquaintances, potential customers and clients. I visit the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition every year. This year the exhibition has a larger scale than in previous years, which is very pleasing. We are also pleased with the large presence of foreign companies that are in good competition with local producers. If there is healthy competition, it generates optimal products, optimal prices. Therefore, for the end user of services and goods of the Republic of Kazakhstan, this is good. Thanks a lot to the organizers!

Daulet Ilipbayev, TATEK JSC:

I came from Taldykorgan city to get acquainted with new technologies. These are bare wires in the contact system, on the cable system, on TV. We have been absent from this exhibition for 10 years, and it surprised us very much. We found a lot of companies, got their coordinates, catalogs. We will study and practice. We plan to purchase for February 2023. We will purchase products of companies that are of interest to us and update our technologies.

Aidar Zhazikbayev, Alatau Zharyk Company:

We always visit the exhibition in order to meet with producers such as SIEMENS, EKRA KAZAKHSTAN. We have the control over relay protection and automation. We are also interested in cables. I visited a seminar of SIEMENS, the material was very good and informative. We visit the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition every year, and we plan to visit it next year as well.

Askhat Zhanatuly, SITEK CASPIAN:

Our company is an electrical installation company, but we are also engaged in the design of the oil industry. At the exhibition we met all the old acquaintances with whom we have been working for a long time. We plan to start working with new companies that we have not been able to work with before. There is a result. I assumed that I would see old acquaintances, which is important for business development, this is the human factor. I met representatives of a new brand for me, we plan to work together.

Tulegen Aknazarov, Department for the production and transportation of water LLP:

I came from the Mangistau region, Zhanaozen city. We came to see transformers, engines, various electrical cables. We conclude contracts with companies. This is my first visit to the Powerexpo Almaty exhibition and I am very pleased with the level of its organization.


Feedback from PowerExpo Almaty 2021 visitors

Nurgaliyev Yermek, expert of Kazbuildexpert LLP

I gained good impressions from my visit to the exhibition. I try to attend the PowerExpo Almaty exhibition every year, there is a lot of useful information on the industry. I've already attended a roundtable on energy auditing, and I've noticed a lot of useful things. I am interested in electrical equipment and the purpose of my visit was to explore the market and talk live with suppliers. There are fewer stands this year, but that's the effect of the pandemic. It's very helpful when you're in direct contact with suppliers at an exhibition. It was a very cool experience for business development.

Sarbasov Bolat, Energo Aktiv LLP

My colleagues and I came to the exhibition in order to get acquainted with new equipment and new components. We are manufacturers ourselves and we have a professional interest in new technologies on the market. The list of participants this year is very diverse and interesting. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the scope of the exhibition has been slightly reduced. We attend this exhibition on an annual basis and wish for a quick return to its former scope. The feature this year that I liked was the construction of the stands. The products of the exhibitors are well presented and it is immediately clear what the company does and what equipment it offers.

Tatiyana Pak, Tender Administrator of the Development Department of TESLA-TAH LLP company

We liked the list of companies that were listed on the site, and we were very attracted to it. Visiting the exhibition allows you to broaden your horizons and talk about our company's capabilities. Today we are studying not only the market of Kazakhstan, but also the neighboring CIS countries. Definitely, online events are very convenient and productive in pandemic times, but in our company's opinion, the offline format is much better and more effective in all areas. The level of organization at PowerExpo Almaty exhibition is excellent. The only thing I would like more participants in a narrow, related area of construction and design. In any case, it's great that this year we all gather here and can discuss pressing industry issues.

Vyacheslav Kuznetsov, Director of the Energy Department of Concord Engineering GmbH

PowerExpo Almaty is an industry exhibition, essential for all professionals. I was very impressed with the amount of information presented. I met many partners and clients among the participants. As a visitor to the exhibition I can note the information content of the site, it is clear and highly specialized. The list of exhibitors is interesting and satisfying for any professional. The main purpose of the arrival is to communicate with all the partners who came here from different countries. We came together in one place to share experiences, discuss new contracts and plans. For me, the exhibition is a place where we can come together from all over the world and share our opinions and plans. This was my first time attending an exhibition in Almaty, and my expectations were fully met. Next year we plan to visit the exhibition with our partners in a more extended team.

Begaliyev Nuraly, Deputy Director of the Scientific and Technological Park

I have been visiting the exhibition every year since 2018. The PowerExpo Almaty 2021 is quite interesting. The exhibitions are always a place for networking, for finding new partnerships. I come to the exhibition to get fresh ideas, to get acquainted with my current competitors, with those with whom we are in the same market, as well as to present my services. I like the way Iteca organizes exhibitions. The stands are very conveniently located, everything is clear and informative. The range of companies represented is very large and of high quality. In the future, I would like to see more international companies, more colorful stands, more interactivity and gamification.