Kazakhstan International Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building Exhibition


PARTNER OF THE GUIDE of the Powerexpo Almaty 2023 exhibition - BETA IZOL LLP

The company’s cable and wire products with radiation crosslinked insulation are characterized by increased reliability and can withstand extreme loads when used in various adverse conditions.

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Benefits of processing

  1. Resistance to aggressive environments - chemical reagents and biological destroyers;
  2. Increased resistance to cracking and crushing forces;
  3. Thermal stability at high heating temperatures of conductive wires.

BetaIzol LLP was created with the participation of Park of Nuclear Technologies JSC and the private partner - Kazelektromash LLP, a member of the Association of Cable Plants of Kazakhstan.

The company is introducing progressive technologies for radiation crosslinking of polymer compounds in a protective environment, used for the production of cable and wire products in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main products of the company are:

Photovoltaic cables • SPC Solar (КФЭПв 1х4.0 kV, КФЭПв 1х6.0 kV)

Oil submersible cable: • КЭБП-130 3х16-3.3 kV • КПвПсБП-130 3х10-3.3 kV • КПвБК-130 3х16-3.3 kV.

The company’s production site is located in Semey, Abay region, Northern industrial center 14A (Kazelektromash LLP base), as well as in Kurchatov, Abay region Kurchatov st., 18/1 on the basis of Park of Nuclear Technologies JSC.

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