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Onsite power generation with INNIO Jenbacher & Waukesha gas engines

Onsite power generation with INNIO Jenbacher & Waukesha gas engines can provide you with highly efficient local energy production. With onsite power, you can decrease your company’s operating expenses (OPEX), improve the reliability of your power supply, reduce carbon footprint and gain fast access to power when you need it.

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Why to consider onsite power generation?

  • You may be facing costly heat and electricity rates and need to cut expenses. The fee to connect to external energy sources can be significant.
  • You need greater stability. Your energy supply is unstable and you run the risk of unplanned outages.
  • You need to expand. Your company wants to grow, but support from your energy source is not dependable. You need faster, more flexible and reliable power.

Benefits of onsite power generation

  • Multiple ways to increase your OPEX
  • Improve power supply reliability
  • Reduce emissions
  • Power solution flexibility
  • Use your company’s waste to supply its power
  • Fast access to power

You can find out more about each benefit in the full version of the article at: https://www.jenbacher.com/en/energy-solutions/on-site-power-generation

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The complex task of implementing onsite power generation usually is delegated to companies with solid technical expertise that can deliver a turnkey project. Our portion of your project’s scope can be as simple as supplying and commissioning your power generation equipment or as complex as a turnkey solution, including such steps as energy audits, engineering, construction, commissioning, and long-term service support. INNIO and our partners are ready to help you with all of the steps necessary to realize your project.

Several options are available to help you deliver your project, including purchasing, financing, and leasing options as well as engaging a service provider (ESCO, BOO etc.):

  • Purchasing
  • Credit, Leasing

Onsite power generation projects can be delivered with your own funds or by using external financing:

  • Using your own funds usually allows you to maximize the project’s economic effect. Clients often use credit or lease the equipment.
  • Another option is to engage 3rd party partners, providing an energy service type of contract. This allows you to significantly decrease both capital expenses and technological risks. As a result, a power plant may be constructed using the 3rd party partner´s funds and resources, and your company will benefit from lowered energy tariffs.

Our experts are ready to advise you on the potential benefits of on-site power generation and the implementation options applicable to your project. You can contact us by filling out the contact form on our website https://www.jenbacher.com/en/contact or write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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