Kazakhstan International Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building Exhibition



We invite you to visit the stand of Ecostatus PLUS.KZ at the 21st Kazakhstan International Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building Exhibition, which will be held from October 17 to October 19, 2023 at the Atakent KCBC Exhibition Center, Timiryazev st., 42, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Stand No. 33, pavilion 9

The stand will showcase:

  • The latest high-voltage extremely low frequency installations for cross-linked polyethylene-insulated cables
  • MES devices (Mobile Engineering Solutions) combine a wide range of compact devices and equipment for searching for cable lines and underground utilities, diagnosing and localizing cable lines damage location, high-voltage testing of equipment. All the best from foreign and domestic manufacturers
  • Professional electrical measuring instruments from «ChauvinArnoux», France

Ecostatus PLUS.KZ was founded in 2009 in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The main activity of the company is the supply of imported instrumentation equipment for various purposes: low-resistance meters, grounding meters, mega- and teraohm meters, transformer testing equipment, electrical safety testing instruments, equipment for high-voltage testing of cable lines up to 6/10/20/35/110 kV, diagnostics of cable lines with cross-linked polyethylene insulation and search for damage location.

Ecostatus PLUS.KZ LLP is the official dealer for the products of Chauvin Arnoux (C.A.), b2 electronics (HVA), METRIX on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and has the right to carry out sales, warranty and maintenance support of equipment in full compliance with the requirements and recommendations of manufacturers.

Currently our customers are: leading expert organizations; electrical testing laboratories, design offices and research institutes.

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