Kazakhstan International Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building Exhibition

21-23 October 2020

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Transformer plant starts work in Aktau

A transformer plant for the production of switchboard equipment was launched in Aktau. The project is included in the industrialisation map of the Mangystau region and implemented at the expense of the investment company. The products manufactured there under the Made in Kazakhstan brand are planned to be exported to foreign countries.

Equipment at the factory is fully automated and controlled by computers. 60 specialists are working for electric power stations. The majority were able to get a job under the Jana Serpyn regional employment program. The plant produces over 40 products. It is designed to produce 4 thousand transformer substations per year, that is, 20 units per day. The output volume will fully cover the needs of the region’s domestic market. Export of goods is also stipulated, the representatives of an investment company said.

“Investments amounted to 2 billion tenge. Considering the transport and logistics leverage of the region, the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway route, the seaport of Aktau and Kuryk, we decided to launch the plant in Mangistau region. 50% of the output will be sold in Turkmenistan, Iran, and Azerbaijan,” Olzhas Yesirkepov, director of the branch of the investment company said.

The total annual volume at reaching the design capacity will be 6 billion tenge. The number of employees is planned to increase to 150 people. The plant signed a memorandum with universities in the area. Due to this, students, having completed the internship, will be able to find a job at the enterprise.